The Hillcrest Drama Group Invites the Public to its Fall Performance of “Lockdown”


The Hillcrest High School Drama Group is proud to invite the public to its performance of the short drama “Lockdown” by Douglas Craven this Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 3:00 P.M. in the Hillcrest Cafetorium.

According to, “In a dark classroom, eight students sit in an ‘official lockdown,’ not knowing if it’s just a drill or an actual emergency. When a hysterical younger girl bolts from the room and the teacher follows, the remaining students are left alone to decide if it’s safer to stay or run.”

The Hillcrest Drama Group continues its tradition of varied storytelling with its eighth season under the direction team of Mr. Gregory Fitch, Director; Mrs. Mrs. Jamilah Adebesin Mason, Artistic Director; and Mr. Mike Macabobby, Technical Director.

“Our goal with the Drama Group,” Mr. Fitch writes, “has always been to choose productions that are culturally relevant as well as engaging. We believe that ‘Lockdown’ captures the anxiety our students feel that creeps into places that should be safe. This suspenseful piece asks the audience to consider not only how they might react in a difficult situation but also how society protects the vulnerable. While this show is definitely not for young children, it is thoroughly appropriate for our students as they consider the kind of world they wish to help create.”

General seating tickets are available at the door Saturday for $1.

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