ASA’s Origins Fair Was A Success

The Hillcrest African Student Association’s Origins Fair on February 26th successfully achieved the goals of encouraging people to be comfortable with who they are and nurturing the dignity of diversity.

Freshman Kourtney Usher poses at the Origins Fair

Student reaction included:

“At the origin fest I learned about how they help people even when they don’t know them and I learned about how people feel about our black community and how they feel about what is going on in our black community and I also learned about what Africans wear and about their art.” – Kourtney Usher (‘20)

“The event was a great way to show others the cultures in the continent of Africa. The expression through dance and poetry added an understanding to many cultures. The origins fair gave those with no knowledge of their past an insight to many of the cultures that they may be descendants of.” – Olivia Douglas (‘17)

Seniors Karly Kos & Courtney Collier at the Origins Fair

“ASA is a good way to expose other people to different cultures other than their own. This helps students or even teaches become more open to what else is out there in the world. It also helps people want to experience other cultures for themselves.” – Courtney Collier (‘17)

“The ASA gave students a chance to connect to their roots. It was a positive way to interact with your peers and connect to the history that we share. The ASA was a good way to share the history of black people.” – Kya Vega (‘17)

Akinwande Masha-Yarrow watches Bessie Barlow try on a dashiki at the Origins Fair.

“I really enjoyed the origins fair this year. I tried on dashikis and looked awesome. I really enjoyed the African Rice Dorcas’ mother made, and will be going to join dinner from time to time.” – Bessie Barlow (‘18)

Hillcrest High School would like to congratulate Ms. Brown, Mr. Maybell, and the students of the African Student Association for an excellent event!

For more information concerning Hillcrest’s African Student Association and its events, please contact teacher Ms. Dina Brown ([email protected]).