Hillcrest Hosts District 228 Spirit Showdown


“The Spirit Showdown is where all four schools in the district compete to show school spirit. There are several competitions against each other that include tug of war, dodgeball, boys cheerleading, and relay races. Overall it was fun and exciting. Tinley Park Won Most Spirit.” – Ceyanne Dickerson

“This was an amazing experience. Especially since it is my senior year in proud to have been able to be a part of it all. I think as a collective group all 4 schools in the district thoroughly enjoy this occasion.” – Myrik Hill

“Spirit showdown was a success, many students came out and participated and had fun which was what the whole thing was about. There were many different activities such as dodge ball, tug a war, relay races and the different schools competing in cheerleading well the boys.” – Malennia Lewis

“Last night’s cheer battle/ tug of war between all 4 schools. Hillcrest with the leading victory in cheerleading and Oak forest with the leading victory over Hillcrest in a tough match of tug of war.” – Cyncere Briggs

“What’s Hillcrest without our cheerleaders! Let’s give it up for the boy!!” – Asia King

“The spirit showdown is a time for students from all four schools in the district to come together and show their spirit for their respective schools. The best part of the showdown was the boys cheer competition, where the boys, that I coached, took first place for the second year in a row.” – Olivia Douglas