Hillcrest Students Earn Biliteracy Seal


Congratulations to the winners of the Illinois State Seal and Illinois State Commendation of Biliteracy, Maria Castillo for Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish and Lisa Nyamusevya for Commendation of Biliteracy in French. Their literacy in more than one language will be recognized at the state level and will be reflected on their high school transcripts and diplomas, and can potentially earn them two years of college credit for language at an Illinois state college or university.

Through the implementation of this Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy, Bremen High School District 228 seeks to:
• encourage students to develop biliteracy skills in order to communicate in two (or more) languages;
• learn to appreciate the diversity of the world through other languages and cultures;
• recognize and honor our rich and diverse language assets;
• provide universities and employers with a method of identifying those students with language and biliteracy skills, and to allow students to potentially earn 2 years of college credit for the Seal award.

For more information, visits the official websites of The Seal of Biliteracy and the AAPPL site from the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages.