Hillcrest Teacher Hosts Family Cook Night


Hillcrest students and family come together to prepare a meal during Family Cook Night. (12/17)

Hillcrest FACS teacher Rebecca Haustein hosted a Family Cook Night this week in one of the school’s kitchen classrooms. According to Ms. Haustein, “The event was to bring families together to cook a meal. Each family had something different to make (I chose the recipe) in which everyone shared what they made buffet style. Most of the dishes that were made were based around the upcoming Christmas holiday. It was a good bonding experience for students and also a good way to show some of the families what the students have learned throughout the semester. It was awesome to see the parents teaching the students things, as well as students teaching the parents about the recipe, measuring techniques used in the kitchen, and just showing them around the classroom!”

Present were students Paige Romero, Dnajah Thompson, Nyla Wilson, Peyton Williams, and Aries Lee, their family members, and teacher fellow FACS teacher, Alicia Sink.

Ms. Haustein wanted to host this event because she believes family involvement is extremely important. She said, “I wanted to give families a place to come together and spend time with one another. I think this era, families are not all sitting together and eating. So I wanted to bring that back for one night. As the holiday season approaches, families get busy, people are on different schedules, and I think making the time for your family should always be number one. Hold those close to you and appreciate the time you have with one another because life is too short.”

“The families raved over the food! They loved everything that was made. Parents really enjoyed cooking and spending time together. They were very thankful of it. One of the parents of Paige Romero, her mother, is a chef, so it was cool to see her teaching Paige and her cousin Dnajah some things. I am looking forward to the next family cook night I host in the new year! I hope to bring in more families to participate.”

For more information, please contact Ms. Haustein [email protected].