Hillcrest Students Volunteer at Lego Robotics Competition


Courtney Hollis volunteers at the Girl Scouts Lego Robotics Competition.

Legos anyone?

Students from Hillcrest High School’s Junior Leadership, National Honor Society and AP US History class volunteered at the Girl Scouts Lego Robotics  State Competition for nine to thirteen-year-olds that was held on Sunday, December 3, 2017 at the Girl Scouts Friendship Center.  

Students provided assistance for the competition as check-in clerks, room monitors, MC for the events and custodial staff for the teams.

Approximately 14 Hillcrest students participated.  “The students were a blessing.  It would have been difficult to run this event without them,” said Rose Coughlin, STEM coordinator for the Girl Scouts.  Student were able to learn more about robotics and the competitions available to middle-school students.  

“It was a fun day,” said Amari Anderson, Hillcrest Senior.  The Girl Scouts asked the Hillcrest students to consider coming back again next year to provide assistance.

For more information concerning student volunteerism and service at Hillcrest High School,  contact Junior Leadership sponsor Caroline Snyder. [email protected].