South Suburban College Visit


Twenty-five sophomore and freshmen students from each of the Bremen High School district schools attended an “Explore South Suburban College” field trip on Wednesday, November 20th.  The students were given a tour of the campus and learned about the academic programs that SSC offers.   They attended presentations from four different programs: School of Art, Nursing, Criminal Justice and Multimedia/Communications.

Hillcrest student Danielle Hussey said, “I liked the presentation from the police officer because he explained his career well, and it is something I would like to pursue after high school.” The students were eager to learn about the wide-range of opportunities that SSC has to offer.  SSC also provided the students with a delicious breakfast and lunch and raffled off some exciting prizes. The college is conveniently located and affordable.  South Suburban’s mission is to ensure that they are accessible to all residents of the south Chicagoland region who are seeking higher education to improve their lives.

“The district counselors have a wonderful relationship with SSC, and we love exposing underclassman to our local community college,” said Lindsay Lopez, counselor at Hillcrest High School.

To find out more about how Hillcrest High School helps their students with the college selection and application process contact Ms. Lindsay Lopez at [email protected].